No Money in Multi Level Marketing, Agree?

June 11, 2008 4:00am CST
MLM stands for More loseing money..Last 20 years lost at least USD5000 in this kind of promises..or is MLM not for me?
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• India
11 Jun 08
Iam not at all agree with your openion but agree that many people fails to make huge money from MLM marketing. I have made huge around $6000 from MLM marketing and will be earning in future even.Most compnay nowadays start from MLM so that they can spread all over the world that the basic concept of MLM.I am happy with the concept and the company which is paying me so much huge money.
@tigertang (1749)
• Singapore
12 Jun 08
I think it depends on the indivudual and the organisation they deal with. There are quite a few MLM companies that are no better than scams and should be avoided. However, there are also many reputable companies that have done well using the MLM buisness model - Amway and Avon come to mind. There has to be some money in MLM, otherwise people would not get involved and reputable companies like Amway and Avon would not exist. However, I think what people need to realise is the fact that the rules of success - ie passion and hard work need to applied to MLM as much as they do to other businesses. I think many people get caught up with the idea that an MLM can provide one with a capital and effort free source of income and they end up becomming very dissapointed. For me, I found that I didn't have the passion to devote to MLM and it also seemed that the MLM organisation I was involved with did not do what I hopped it would do, which would have been to help an unemployed friend gain some side income. Hence I don't get involved. However, there are people who have done well and I think all power to them.