how can you tell if someone likes you?

June 11, 2008 12:34pm CST
Here's the scenario: I knew a friend through another friend. We hardly speak to each other, only on some occasions. She has been nice to me and always trying to offer her help. she always try to start a conversation with me and will laugh at my lame jokes. When I am chatting with some other friends, she will try to get near me (this includes taking photos as well). Lately, I have noticed that she will secretly stare at me and I'm not noticing. Does she like me or just wanted to be best friend? or any other possibilities? Any experienced friends that can help me out?
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@rony4u (31)
28 Jun 08
i love you very simple.
7 Jul 08
but sometimes it's kinda fun to observe their behaviour an make guessings..
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
11 Jun 08
From what you've posted it sure sounds like she likes you a lot - if you like her as well, then try to make a suttle move on her and feel her out. :)
12 Jun 08
one of my friends had that experience as well, when he proposed to the girl, she said she just want to be good friend with him.