Mylot Earnings update timings has changes

June 11, 2008 1:41pm CST
Initially when I joined to mylot, the earnings used to get updated at 8 PM in night.. But recently I've obeserved that the earnings get updated at aroudn 1 PM in the afternoon.. Now I'am happy with the new update timings as it allows me to pace the mylot participations depending my earnings for the day. Does mylot updates the earnings based on regional area or its a on random user basis..?
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@mialei23 (2386)
• Philippines
11 Jun 08
My earning update usually 10 pm and 2 days ago it was updated in the afternoon around 4-5 pm I guess. I wondering Why they change update, but its good because I will no longer check at night.
• India
11 Jun 08
I joined 10 days back.If i can remember myLot was updating earnings at 6pm .but from last two days i found that they are updating at 1pm and 3pm.Its really good to know that earnings early.I think it is based on the regional area not random basis.
@cream97 (29152)
• United States
11 Jun 08
I guess it varies. I saw today that my myLot earnings had gotten updated around 8 in this morning.. I guess it also has a lot to do with when you log onto the site too.
• Malaysia
11 Jun 08
It's 2 hours earlier than before for me, which is 9PM here before and 7PM now. They just change it when I go to vacation, I thought that only apply to me only.
@obidan (367)
• Romania
11 Jun 08
From me it usually updated 5PM so I suppose they had a specific hour where they updated. I think that MyLot has some problems...I usually got 0.40-0.60$ per day, now I just get 0.12-0.16$ ...the problem is that my discussion are getting more responses every time, and I am making a lot of responses here....but the money isn't what it is supposed to be...