comcast dvr and cable box

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June 11, 2008 7:50pm CST
hi i have a new comcast dvr with cable box for my standard cable tv. i want to use my vcr they stated i need a splitter. the problem is i want to be able to tape a show and watch another channel. i can do that now with dvr which was installed but if i want to tape another program, i have to stay on that channel to do so. i want to use my vcr/dvdplayer to be able to tape another show if that should occur, what is a splitter and how and where is it installed for my vcr. thank you
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12 Jun 08
Cable splitter - This is a splitter. You use it to plug in multiple devices to your cable signal.
A splitter is just a little box that you plug your coaxial cable (the cable wire coming into you house) into and then you can plug two or three devices (like the VCR, DVR and sound system) into the splitter individually, rather than having them daisy chain one to another. They are quite cheap and you can get them in the electronics department of just about any box store, or go to Radio Shack or a similar store.