Not so good on relationship right now

United States
June 12, 2008 10:17am CST
Hey whats up everyone have not logged on in while been having problems, broke up with my girl. And such yada yada she kept trying to see why I was mad. Ok so why do girls gossip so much and expect the guys to apologize. They talk so much behind your back and expect oyu to sit them down and calm them down because they have something bad going on in thier life and you have no clue about it so they go balistic and take it out on you and do not aprecitate all the things you do for them because they have never had someone treat them so well. Well I taught her a lesson in learning the value of things by well her losing me and she kept tryin got make up but after this being the third time I refused and well she says she is not learning anything. How can I get it through her that she messed up big time. I have told her many times over but she will not listen to me at all. I mean I have no problem with it except every now and then encounters when I see her and she yells at me and well acts not in a good way if you know what I mean. Later she is trying to make up but ask for my apology what??? I dont listen keep going with my life and to tell you the truth I feel much better off, not to be mean but heck Ive said some good amount of time for myself I am much more rested and have lots more freedom especailly in what I eat say and hang around with. I thin kits for the best what do you think?
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