Friday 13th

June 12, 2008 3:56pm CST
So tomorrow is friday 13th! Is anyone superstitious? I am I mean I won't walk under ladders, if I see a magpie I salute it and as for tomorrow I have to pretend its a different day! I know its probably a load of rubbish, the magpie thing is to a certain extent. One person I knew wouldn't leave the house on friday 13th and if she was down to work then she would take the day off! What do you think?
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• Malaysia
12 Jun 08
Actually I don't believe that. Friday 13th is nothing special in my country, but May 13th have some history.
12 Jun 08
So is your May 13th like our friday 13th?
@Lock_Heed (210)
• United States
12 Jun 08
I one day went on a rampage and attempted to break all the known "Bad Luck" things one could do. I am still here and nothing happened. Paraskavedekatriaphobia - fear of Friday the 13th. Or Triskaidekaphobia.
12 Jun 08
Ha ha what a great idea although I'm to much of a wimp lol!