R u a reponsible person?

June 12, 2008 9:59pm CST
Do You think that you are able to take responsbilty at home or office?Do you think you can manage things at your own?
4 responses
@missbdoll (1167)
• Australia
14 Jun 08
I gues I am, I have to be as I'm on my own and have to take care of everything. From time to time in my life I've spent quite a bit of time alone.So I guess I've got pretty capable.
@plumwish07 (4059)
• Indonesia
13 Jun 08
in my opinion, everyone who feel theirselves is grow up then they should able to responsible to any actions that they did in their life. either you are ready or not if your age is mature enough then you should bring some responsible to your own self
@naseeha (1383)
• India
13 Jun 08
When i was working previously i was a responsible person and i was a team leader. But when it comes to home. I am reckless and irresponsible. Maybe it is because my partner is a very responsible person and i leave everything to him . i Know i should change for the better or it might land me in trouble.
@chechuva (1275)
• Philippines
13 Jun 08
i can say im responsible enough to do my task at work and at home. but im not really ashamed to ask questions to others if i really think im having a hard time or i really don't know what to do. being responsible is not only doing things but making sure things are done right!