Cruel scared-straight exercise at California High School

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June 13, 2008 5:35am CST
OMG this just blows my mind!! Apparently school officials thought it would be a good idea to inform the students that over the weekend several of the school mates had died in a tragic car accidents On a Monday morning last month, highway patrol officers visited 20 classrooms at El Camino High School to announce some horrible news: Several students had been killed in car wrecks over the weekend. When in the truth of the matter was that it was a hoax! A scared straight con (a cruel one IMO) to teach the kids a lesson in drinking and driving etc A few hours and many tears later, though, the pain turned to fury when the teenagers learned that it was all a hoax, a scared-straight exercise designed by school officials to dramatize the consequences of drinking and driving I'm sorry but as much as I'm all for SOME methods of the scared straight idea THIS WAS CRUEL BEYOND BELIEF!...If my kids school would have pulled a stunt like that I would have raised right royal hardcore hell.....A sneaky cruel trick like that would put my son and daughter completely over the edge! For the school to NOT think of what the consequences might have been just disgusts me to no end....I honestly think that there will be some serious backlash from some of the students over this one...The b0neheads who cooked up this plan may find that there will be damage done... If this happened at your childs school, wuld you be ok with it? If this had happened to you as a teen how do you think you'd react to it?
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13 Jun 08
This is absolutely unbelievable. Who in their right mind thought of this idea? Can you imagine the terror that those poor kids felt? I am a firm believer in scare straight tactics but this one crosses the line. This is just cruel and unusual punishment. My daughter would have went over the deep end had this been done to her and especially if they used one of her friends as part of the "joke." How many of those kids have had irreparable damage done to them? I hope someone has to pay the price for this one.
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• Canada
13 Jun 08
I already have problems trusting people. Were this to have happened to me as a teen, I would probably hae serious trauma issues because of it. PTSD can deelop from something like this. What a cruel trick they played. Were this to happen to a relative of mine, I'd sue the school for emotional damages. I'd get a class action lawsuit, and eeryone would be entiled to damages because of it.
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