Is it me ? or have my friends avatars been pinched!

June 13, 2008 7:54am CST
Y'know its a bit of a slow mylot day i'm just surfin and I've spotted about 7 avatar's that have been ripped off or copied, It kinda of bugs me, because an avatar is a personal choice and I recognize my friends from them, but if people dont have the wherewithall to be original it just sucks.. I'm not pointing any fingers but It does seem to be a lot of newcomers. So Mylotters what're your thoughts?
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@Insung001 (740)
• Philippines
13 Jun 08
Well it's good for me that my avatar is originally mine. So if anybody copied it, I can sue him/her, LOL! just kidding. The picture in my avatar was personally taken by my partner, so it is original. Yeah sometimes it sucks when you see your own avatar copied by other without asking permission. But on the other side of it, maybe we should be proud because that only means we have a nice avatar LOL! I don't think anybody would be interested in mine though, because there is no significance on it except for me.
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17 Jun 08
thanks for responding Insung001 ! I think your avatars' good. quite symbolic really. I spent a while tracking mine down and have a standby if its needed. I've had a look around a seen that most of the things I was moaning about have changed! its amazing how much I invest in a bunch o' pixels!
@paid2write (5202)
13 Jun 08
I would be upset if there was another green-haired woman at myLot, even though it is not an original image, but she and I are inseparable now. I also find it confusing when people have the same or similar avatar image, as I usually see the image and identify the person by that, before I read the name. I really like to see the unusual and unique images some people, including yourself, have as their avatar. I am all for originality
17 Jun 08
Hi paid2write ! I wouldn't say mine is exactly original .. It's by the guy who did the artwork for the comic 'Tank Girl' and the Gorrilaz band, I can't remember his name at the mo' . I'm thinking of posting an 'abandon avatar day' where I'll post my real pic for a short time and hopefully others will join in. i think your avatar's cool, kinda like a 'punk Marilyn Monroe'
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17 Jun 08
A 'punk Marilyn Monroe' -
@98765m (1019)
• India
13 Jun 08
Well,I have not so far used some one else photo here on mylot. But,I must really thank you for giving me the warning.I have the habit of saving the motion picture photos of DP here on mylot mainly because not all motion pictures do exactly fit here on mylot. I think I must be having almost all members motion pictures.The present one I am using is the one that I searched hard on the internet to find them. May be ,I think I would use them next year,as I don't know the persons from whom I had saved. And I don't usually copy and use a picture thats been on use. Cheers! have a nice day Happy mylotting and happy earnings.
17 Jun 08
Hi 98765m ! I like your avatar, cutey cutesy! thanks for reponding and inform others , thats the key!
@cyberfluf (5004)
• Netherlands
16 Jul 08
I haven't seen any of these rip off images yet but I'll take your word for it as it sounds like something that people would do; they do it all around the internet so why wouldn't they on mylot? I think it's a pity because you try to use an orignal picture and I personally recognize people on mylot by avatar and not by name; more of a visually orientated person I guess. If people change them frequently or when others rip them off it's no longer possible to do this and that makes it harder for people like me who have a better memory for pictures (most people do, or so do scientists say; off course I forgot the names of these brilliant men... ). I haven't been very original myself either using my own picture, but at least it's not a rip off .