I assure JESUS is TRUE GOD

@senjacob (124)
June 13, 2008 7:56am CST
Can anyone oppose or agree the above truth,please let me know.In my Life,i felt jesus is true god in many times. Even we have a lot of religions,lot of gods, lot of temples, but i can assure christianity is a good one,jesus christ is the way ,truth and the life for all... according to previous histories,compare other religions,jesus is the way we assure...
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• United States
13 Jun 08
I totally agree, do you notice how out of all the religions, Jesus gets bashed all the time. That has to stand for something. I mean if I was the adversary and I had to destroy something, of course I would destroy the truth. Besides that I feel it. I mean there were times I was down and opened my bible (NO LIE)to the perfect scripture. Now how can that be explained. No one can make me believe other wise. I just their was more Love in the churches because I believe that has a big part in pushing people away from the truth instead of bringing them closer.
@senjacob (124)
13 Jun 08
Hi lamelslissa, ya,we can realise the feeligs about the god.. if we make our life as holy ,jesus talked and lived with us sure.
• Philippines
13 Jul 08
yeah Jesus is all.. He is the everything. The Almighty one. The God. But you know what, i am a catholic, but sometime in my life i gotten the chance to learn from other religion and their egoistic belief about Jesus and the Father God. In their doctrines Jesus is not God but the son of God, coz God is spirit and Jesus is human not a spirit. but you know... i also came to know.. whether according to these religion that they are the TRUE religion. God said faith is the one which will going to save you. it is by faith not religion, so knowing Jesus as God or human really depends on what you truly believe. and as i believe Jesus is my God coz He also says "God and I is One"
@psprite (111)
• China
28 Jun 08
I dont have any evidence,but I believe any probability!
@awapak (1277)
• Pakistan
15 Jun 08
There is no other true God but the one GOD ALMIGHTY and Jesus(pbuh)was His one of the Prophets.Believing in more than one God Almighty is called Polytheism,which is the biggest and unforgivable sin as per the last divine book.We must avoid this sin if we want to succeed in both lives.
• India
13 Jun 08
Your religion is Christianity; so you naturally believe that Jesus is the true God. It is the same for all other religions. They have their own version of God and they believe that these are true Gods. And there are some people like me, who have no religion, but only a strong belief in a powerful, loving force that is responsible for this universe. And atheists and agnostics have neither God nor belief. So, you see, we all have our own versions of God and our own beliefs. And everybody says the same as you: "ours is the true God and the true religion." Cheers and happy mylotting