power traction kiting/power kiting/stunt kiting/greta fun!!!!!!! try it!!!

June 13, 2008 8:34am CST
yo everyone have you ever had a go on a power kite or traction power kite?for those that don't know they are kites that are great fun that can lift you of the ground, depending on factors of your weight/wind/size of kite and also they can drag you around!!!!like a rag dolly lol!!we started out with a kite called a flexifoil stacker 6 its like a couple of feet'ish wide and a meter'ish long!! its a great power kite for like doing stunts with it in the sky even though it wont pull you across a field or lift you up!! its called a stacker cuz you can stack them on top of each other to make it look better and give you some more power!! there are also diffrent stackers if you wish to go bigger and some of the bigger ones can pull you and possibly lift you!!next we went a bit of a jump right up to a flexifoil blade2 4.9(meters) now wow this is a beast of a kite!! take this out in the wrong sort of wind and you might not be coming home or at least not in one piece lol i heard scary storys when i purchased mine and from my friends that had one before us but it didnt put me of because i knew i would be carefull!! we have had the blade quite a few years now and still love her!! if you want to be lifted or draged accross a field on ya butt or have a death wish then this is the kite for you lol, but i highly recomend you take it out in low to medium wind at first, just dont choose a mentaly windy day cuz you might just get a scaring of a lifetime!!or even like i say not return home!! one of the scare storys i heard was a bloke got lifted by one of these and flew right accross a main street, over a set of houses and the kite threw him onto a chip shop roof!! where he died!! , another tip is, this kite comes with whats called kite killers!, basically they are brakes that are strapped to your wrists and when you let go of the handles, then the handles fly of with the kite and your left attatched to the kite with just your wrists, but its attatched to the brake lines not the fly lines so the kite eventually comes down!! not all kites have kite killers so make sure you get one with them if you want to be extra safe!! and i recommend knee and elbow pads and a good helmet just in case cuz ya could possibly whack ya head on the floor or even sprain or break a wrist or ancle at the very least hehe actually ive only worn mine once when i was starting out but now i am confident enough to know what the kite might and might not do if the wind suddenly changes speed, all ive ever come away with is a few bruises and a very scraped back on a field in the summer on a very windy day, i was daft enough to go topless in the first place!!!the next kite got was even bigger, a flexifoil sabre 7.5 meter, now your probly thinking i was asking for trouble but the sabre is a very comfortable to fly kite thats not at all like the blade, it can be attatched to a harness for better controll much like a kite surfers kite but not for kite surfing!! we had some great fun with her using a kite bugy and kite board but we have since sold it as it was big to carry around and we dont have transport, and she was slightly anoying to set her up to say the least!!,,, so r.i.p sweet sabre i hope your new owners are treating you well lol!!anyway on to the next kite now this ones a jump down for us lol is it cuz we scared of big kites now? nope its not that hehe, its cuz its always a good idea to have a selection of kites with you when you go out as if the wind is too much for the biggest kite then you can be more self assured that using a littler kite will be the best bet, and visa versa!! well the littler one was a flexifoil sting!! its more of like a power kite as to a power traction drag ya but kite but we baught it for our 4 yr old son nathan as dont want him flying of on anything bigger hehe, its approx a meter long and little nathan has had some great fun with it!! we have actually taken it out in mental wind and been really suprised because it lifted him so was a good job i was holding his hood!! and it even draged me, so its not the size of a kite its the wind factor that you have to be carefull of!!and lastly nope this ones not a flexifoil suprise suprise its a ozone 2 meter fury!! i baught this one because its like, a in between kite in sizes to what i already have and again its good for using in diffrent wind conditions when its too windy its still managable and when its average wind its still fun, i had been looking at ozones kites for quite a while so thought i would give them a go!!and it as a great kite, but can fold/tangle up easily in gusty cross winds, but still fun!!so there you go thats all our kites so far! and we have never been kitesurfing or paragliding or anything like that, thow im sure that would be fun, and never had any liting lessons ect we have just taught ourselfs by trial and error, but mostly no error lol there is many diffrent kite manufacturers and models probly too many to mention hear so if ive even got you slightly interested in kiting then cool and if you have always just thought it was little stunt kites that kids use then think again and give it a try, not that stunt kites are not fun as there are some great stunt kites but still, have a butchers at some kite web sites, e.g flexifoil.com or ozone.com or shop sites for the variety of kites they have and im sure you will see something that catches your eye! and feel free to comment hear!! also to the guys or girls even that are already into kiting on whatever level then feel free also to leave replys and finally if you want to check out any of our kiting vids then fly on over to my youtube profile its nickhow100 or search kitetastic!!cheers, thanks for your time all the best, nick
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