Do you Believe in Chat friend relatonships?

June 13, 2008 9:55am CST
yes, s2 years back, I met a girl from Hyderabad, who is a software engineer in chat.from there onwards, we exchange many things like chocolates,flowers as friends.Suddenly she did not met me anytime, till now, I don't know where she is .. I don't know what happened?only the wrong step is I never ask her home address? so I cant search .. Now I came to realize that we should not think more about chat friends? So what do you think ? post your comments please..
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• Romania
21 Aug 08
I dun usualy belive waht the other person is saying when we are chatting...but after 2-3 week's of talking and sharing experiences u can decide if it worth or not :P
@durgaray (22)
17 Jun 08
see fnd i was cheated like this many times.i met persons who met me even with diffferent identity,different wht abt asking or not asking the address of tht gl??its just for aswarance of mind.a person who wants to cheat or leave can do so easily in internet .its easier way to get and loose.ok.its a market whr feelings are sold like a playing thnig...if i m not right thn something else may b thr bt dont relay till u have any evidence of any1.
@mykmari_08 (2464)
• Philippines
17 Jun 08
When I was younger, I was told by my parents to never talk to strangers. I do know that this is some sort of verbal protection done by parents for the safety and welfare of their children. And now that I'm already a mother of one loving daughter, I am certain that I will do the same not only to safeguard my daughter but also for discipline. But I must admit that I have done the opposite on a couple of occasions or more. In particular, when I was still in my college days, I would often take long trips going to and from our province. The trip would usually take five to six hours and along the way, I would sometimes have a small chat with my seatmate; but it would always be initiated by him or her. Just the same with chatting in the internet, even if he or she can't see you and vice versa, it's still best to always be careful with what you say and do. If the person you're chatting with can't do anything harmful to you, others may or even karma will do it for them; if you're not too careful with your dealings. I have nothing against chatting; because I know that a person is entitled to his free will but personally, I don't engage in chatting for two reasons. One, I don't have my own computer at home and I only get to use the internet and computer here in the office. Second, since my usage is so limited, I don't have time to chat and it's really not my interest. So, I would say that I'm not addicted to chatting. But I guess if our plans push through, I will be forced to learn how to chat. My husband and I recently decided that I will work abroad even for only a short period of time. I guess I'll be chatting on a daily basis by then. For those people who are engaged in this, I guess it's still possible to find even one true friend through chatting in the internet. But before considering one to be a true friend, it is adviseable to know him or her through an extended period of time before divulging your secrets and personal information. Anyway, I guess it's best to take precautionary measures for your safety than take the risk of being harmed. "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure." applies here best. Take a lot of care always.
@amitavroy (4821)
• India
15 Jun 08
well i am always in look out for friends and so i chat with strangers and that is why i have so many chat friends. the thing is there are way to judge people and if you are good at it then there is no harm in talking to strangers. i believe in chat relationships and so i never mind that. i have very good friends whom i got from chat rooms so i am always on the look out.