This is a question for all u animime and manga fans (:

@micpie94 (358)
United States
June 13, 2008 10:05am CST
It's a 2 part question, so I hope you can help me out. 1 part is just for fun and the other is a little more serious, so here goes: 1) What are the manga books that you read. (For me, I read "REBORN!" by Akira Amano 2)If you were in the anime club at High School, can u tell me what u do in it? (I'm going to High School in the Fall) THANKS SO MUCH!!!
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@izzuyasha (348)
• Malaysia
13 Jun 08
1)I read: Blade of the Immortal D.Gray-man Soul Eater 20th Century Boys Bleach Naruto 2)Exchange any anime/manga material,watch anime together,create our own manga,cosplays and many more!
@micpie94 (358)
• United States
13 Jun 08
P.s. I meant to write "anime" on the title, but it came out animime because i wrote an extra im by accident. THANKS FOR ANSWERING NY QUESTION!!! so u WERE in anime club???
• Malaysia
13 Jun 08
No,but all my friends are anime fans,it's pretty much like a club when we are together.
@dearlot (175)
• Brunei Darussalam
9 Dec 08
1 books? samurai X by nobuhiro watsuki 2 draw and spread the love for manga and try to produce our own!XD
• Singapore
2 Oct 08
for manga book, i read quite alot of title, too much to name. haha, i am quite a manga and anime fan. i am not sure about anime club. but i guess you could organise an event for anime fan in your school to share about some new release anime or some very good anime. then some of the club member could cosplay for the title you guys air in the event as well. this is what i does in my school last time. but mine is not an anime club but is a one off project which we have to organise an event.
• Philippines
7 Sep 08
Well, for the first part..I cannot answer it completely since I've been reading manga for a very long time and i forgot what were they.. But if ever i could come across them, i would certainly remember them.. ^_^... As far as i've remember, i've read La Corda d Oro, Naruto, Ouran, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, Ghost Hunt, Imadoki, Penguin Brothers, Zettai Kareshi, Koukou debut, Beauty Pop, Paradise Kiss, Akuma de Sourou, atashi wa bambi, backstage prince, kare first love, ardour.. and many more.. some of them are not complete yet and as you can see, i am really fond of the shoujo genre.. As for the second question, I did join an organization called UPHAI for people who love japanese culture in general. This is only limited to our school though.. Many of the members are really anime otaku like me and we do get along.. We planned to have japanese film showings on intramurals, do our own restplace (some place where you can sit and talk whenever you have time) which has japanese style, teach japanese language at the end of the week and we also planned to do sushi. However, due to hectic schedules since our president is a graduating student, so we cannot pursue those planned activities. Unfortunately, they had a christmas party and i didn't attend due to conflict on my schedule. Our adviser for the organization is a teacher who understands and know japanese. She invites TOYO students to come to our school so we will have a chance to exchange cultures with one another. Also unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to converse to these students because of limited time. Also, another organization called "Bagsik" had an anime fair in the school. The last one was a success. Many had cosplayed and anime otakus came and there was a rumor that they will repeat the same event in this coming december.
• United States
25 Jun 08
I never did went to an anime club, however, I could name off what I have. -coughs- Hell Girl Demon Diary Fruits Basket Bleach XXXHolic Vampire Doll So yeah. ^_______^; that's pretty much what I do now. Read the manga. I don't really have the time to get anime but all I have is Armitage the third (the 2 movies) and Volumes 1 and 2 of Burst Angel (planning on getting the rest hopefully soon)
@jbg45638 (88)
• United States
21 Jun 08
Sorry I dont read any manga. You really have an anime club in high school?? If I were you I would stay away from it becase you would be considered an outcast in school and class. You most likely will be grouped up with the nerds like how they show in cartoons and movies. In college its ok because no one cares what your hobbies are. If my highschool had a anime club I most likely would stay away from it but I would also see who actually joined it first. If there are popular kids in there than you don't have to hesitate at all. From what I seen in college anime groups you just watch animes and probably discuss animes. Also share animes you have.
• Italy
20 Jun 08
1 i read NANA by Ai Yazawa 2 unfortunatly we don't have mangasw club in italian school