Robbing Peter to pay Paul

@sudalunts (5526)
United States
June 14, 2008 7:33am CST
We all have heard that expression. In this economic times, that's what most of us are doing. Before, when $100.00, could last you a week for your every day needs, now it barely get you through the week. Half of that pays for gas for traveling back and forth to work. We can not afford to buy lunch out, so you bring a brown bag from home, which took up the rest of your $100.00, when you went to the grocery store. Now, you have to go to decide where you are going to get more funds, since you have run out of milk, (3.99 gal) bread, (3.29 a loaf) breakfast cereal for the kids, (anywhere for 3.99 - 5.00 per box) And forget family night at the movies, 8 - 10 dollars for admission, not to mention any snacks you may have there. Geez, we are truly living in hard times.
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