White Hair Problem

@xnipher (544)
June 14, 2008 8:03am CST
Hi! I wish someone will help me with these problem of mine and I'm also happy to read some thoughts from anyone.. I'm 17 years old and I encounter this "White Hair" problem (I think when i was 15 i saw White Hair when i looked in the mirror). I think the probable cause of my problem is malnutrition. Tell you what, I eat: 99.5% -- of Meat (All the times) .20 -- of Seafoods and Vegetables (Rarely) .30% -- of Fruit (Sometimes but a little amount of it only) And I'm also curious why does my hair never turned into grey before turning to white? In my observation, Some of my hair turns half-black half-white before it completely turns into white. Is there's a possibility to regain my black hair in natural way? like balancing my Nutrition? And Can anyone give me an information about what Vitamins/Minerals i lacked?
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@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
5 Dec 12
hi, i think this hair can be also a hereditary one,because some of my relatives are easily to have this white hair at the young age,and even my siblings also have it in young age,maybe you are correct too that we can avoid this by eating some food that rich of nutrients.