Tiger? I love to see them but I can't imagine what will happend if I have one

June 14, 2008 8:09am CST
tiger? I love to see them in the zoo. but i can't imagine what will happen if I have one in my house.. My mum going to scream every 2 minutes, my father will always bring his short gun even when he is sleeping. My niece going to be happy because they can ride the tiger. my neighbor will call the police every 5 minutes, my boss will hope that i never invite him to my house to celebrate my birthday and my girlfriend will come to my house every 30 minutes because she love cats hahahahha
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• India
16 Jun 08
Hi. Apart from what your mom,father and neighbors would do, you would certainly be dying in a short time. :-) Tigers are not cute kittens. They are cute,but nature didn't create humans powerful enough to go and hug a tiger.I would also love to do it,playing with a tiger.Sadly, tiger's mild sweep (which they deliver while playing) could break my backbones into halves. :( Buy a cat. Thats almost like a tiger,except for killing you. :)
@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
14 Jun 08
lOL ^_^ I will love to have a tiger too if possible.. They are actually quite cute and fun to play with except for the killer instinct of theirs.. Other than that, it's just a big cat after all ^_^