What is America Turning Into?

June 14, 2008 9:42am CST
I don't know what is happening in America. We hear of Tornado (though it is not by any means the only country experiencing this, but it is getting too much) we hear of Hurricane Katrina, we hear fire in various parts of US..in fact Arnold Schawzzeneger's tenure is a reign of fire, the man has been extinguishing fire since he became the Governor of that state, the fire continue to rage, the flood and storm continue to ravage states in US. What is really happening? Is this the modern day Armaggedon or are Noah's flood and disaster being re-enacted once again in the lives of men? Why is it that this is so rampant in United States (a civilized advanced modern economic, technological and military giant) Is there a silent hand of God in all these or are men hiding under the guise and subterfuge of natural events to perpetrate this? Please myLotter what do you think?
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@john3l6 (187)
• United States
14 Jun 08
After I read your post I sat there to think. This is what I thought. You are speaking of things in nature that are really happening all over the world. In the USA where hear about the famines, Tsunami and the same things happening with just about the same frequency as here. I also think that since we do live in this technological age that information about other countries is ready available and lets face it a disaster is alway in the media before the nice things. ;) I am not sure if this is the hand of God but by the hands of man.