New Hard Disk 1.8 inches up 160GB HDD

New Hrad Disk 1.8 inches up 160GB HDD - Toshiba announces in recent days the new hard disk 1.8 inches up 160GB HDD
June 14, 2008 4:40pm CST
Toshiba announced in recent days a new line of hard disk drivers with 1.8-inch Serial ATA, with a capacity of 160GB, MK1617GSG, and with a capacity of 80GB, MK8017GS. According to infomarmation from the news mass production of new products will begin in the coming month of August. In these new hard disk 1.8 inches was increased the speed of 1.5Gbps interface and was increased speed at 5400 rpm, making them te fastest of the current generation of hard drives from Toshiba 1.8. With the first unit of 1.8-inch 160GB Toshiba ensure that the mobile PCs will be able to meet the expectations of most demanding useres. The maximum speed internal improves data transfer has been improved by about 17% and supported access to data faster in reading and writing which improves overall performance. Compared to those currently marketed by Toshiba, the new units more respect the enviroment by increasing efficiency of energy consumption according to japanese legislation with an improvement of 25% and will also contribute to the achievement og enviromental awareness for products in full compliance with te Europena directive RoHA. That directive came into force in Jule 2006 eliminate the use of six hazardous substances in electrical and electronics equipment. For more informations
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@CrashO (698)
• Romania
21 Jun 08
OMG... really really nice peace of tech! I do remember the time when my 1gb was something that i could say i was happy with. Then it was 3gb for me, then to 40gb, and the to 80gb... and now there are really huge hdds out there!:)
@ferdzNK (3214)
• Philippines
14 Jun 08
1.8 Hard DiskDrive - Internals of a 1.8 form factor hard disk drives.
Great info Zenith! The size and the interface must have contributed to speed improvement of data transfer at a lower rpm than conventional 3.5 HDD. I've seen on other site that they can be commercially available this August 2008, I wonder how much they would cost. They better offer it at a reasonable price since onces solid state disk drive would catch up with the capacity these drives will offers they will surely be in hot waters.