Things that freak you out, but shouldn't

@beeeckie (803)
United States
June 14, 2008 6:42pm CST
Almost everyone has some sort of irrational fear or pet peeve. I am terrified of lighthouses, and other large, lonely objects near water. Who knows, maybe it's a past life fear? I am from New England and there's no shortage of lighthouses. I get totally freaked out by one stupid puppet in the Star Wars cantina scene. It's at the beginning of the scene, it pops up with glowing yellow eyes and I've always hated it. More of a pet peeve for me -- bagpipes!! It's not how they sound, it's the fact that it's as though the players never take a breath. I know they do, and the air continues flowing out of the bag (hence the name!) but damn, it irks me. How about you? Otherwise sensible things scare/bug you?
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