Do you have a phat ds or a lite?

United States
June 15, 2008 1:11am CST
I have a phat, but I want a lite, however I dont really like some of the changes (the microphone moved, the stylus going into the side, etc). What kind of DS do you have?
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@mymelodake (1339)
• Philippines
26 Jul 08
I have the lite. When the phat came out i really had no intention of getting one, because i didn't really like the way it looked lol, it was only when the lite version came out in which i decided on getting one, but then it still took me quite a while to decide. it was either that or a pullip doll and the ds lite won. i love the games on the ds platform!
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• United States
9 Jul 08
I have a DS lite and I like it very much. I have seen the original DS and I thing the lite is easier to gold and nicer looking.
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• Australia
28 Jul 08
I only ordered mine today so i am still waiting for it though. It is a lite and it's Ice blue, i'm very excited i cant wait.... but i have too for 3 more days!!! I dont know the difference between the 2 i hope i got the good one i know it is the second model so atleast the glitches are usually ironed out by then.
• Philippines
1 Aug 08
cool! i have an ice blue ds lite too! i'm not sure if there is any difference, haven't really looked that up lol
• Italy
18 May 09
I have just bought a nintendo ds lite! It is so cute and it is very comfortable to use! I advise to everybody!
@EliteUser (3968)
• Australia
17 Sep 08
Hey, I have got the PHAT Nintendo DS (I got it when it first came out). Yea, and also the stylus from the Nintendo DS Lite is way bigger.
@psphacker (1054)
• United States
16 Aug 08
i have a lite ds.
@Marcola (2776)
• United States
4 Jul 08
Well, I just got a lite yesterday. It's a pretty nice model. Crimson red one. Nice color, it is. My phat one was electric blue. So, I have both.
• United States
27 Jun 08
I have a Lite, but only because I didn't have enough for the original when it first came out.
@Elixiress (3893)
20 Jun 08
I have a normal DS, which I am assuming is a phat. It is not actually my DS, it is my boyfriend's but I have had it for months now and he has not asked for it back, so it is kind of mine. It is a blue one. I prefer the DS Lites as I have plated on both types of DS, but I think it is all down to what you are used to. I am not a hardcore DS gamer, so I am not really used to either of them.
• United States
19 Jun 08
I have a DS Lite, but I used to have the phat one. In all honesty, I traded the phat for the lite because I couldn't see Metroid Prime: Hunters on the phat. In all honest, I find the lite a little more convenient in placement of items (the mic, stylus, smaller cart) and the screen is as bright as the sun! I honestly haven't regretted the trade and I can't wait to see what Nintendo does next in the handheld department.