Have You Got Stuck?

Hong Kong
June 15, 2008 2:49am CST
Have you ever got stuck here and can't think of a discussion to start? Sometimes I do have that, I tend to just sit here and start at mylot but my brain can't seem to start a discussion.
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@secretbear (19460)
• Philippines
2 Aug 08
hi wonderice! i go through that stage a lot of times. a lot of times i want to start a discussion, i face the computer and try to start something but i can't seem to think of a good topic. but i'm not surprised at this. my topics don't usually come to me when i'm in front of the computer. they come to me when i'm at other places doing other things. ^__^ at times though, i have thought of a good title but i can't seem to write the main discussion. the ideas are there but i don't know how to start it. at times, i just abandon it and save it the next time.
@gr8life (6252)
• Malaysia
16 Jun 08
Hello wondericequeen, I do. Most of the time. That's the reason why I seldom start a discussion. I just can't think of the topic whenever I am busy mylotting. But the ideas will come pouring when I am not here or busy doing something else. But alas! I will forget about all the ideas whenever I have time to log in later *sighs*
@drannhh (15237)
• United States
16 Jun 08
My brain is like the Energizer Bunny, lol, it just keeps pumping ideas out long after the other battery-run toys have stopped. On the other hand, I do not start a whole lot of discussions on here as my myLot friends keep me rather busy just replying to theirs.
@KUSHANK55 (2437)
• India
15 Jun 08
yes dear wodericecream it so happens when you plan to put up something all of a sudden as if the power is switched off and the mind starts thinking of something else, the next and the next. and really helps when you are replying to some discussion that an idea strikes you and you put it on .
@PearlGrace (3171)
• United States
15 Jun 08
Yes, wondericequeen, you might say I get writers' block frequently on myLot. That is the reason that I start so few discussions. I simply can't think of anything that I believe others will find interesting enough to respond to. However, I am noticing that others start discussions on anything and everything. Sometimes, occurrences in my own life can trigger me to start a related discussion on myLot. Other times, reading the newspaper or checking out the news online helps me. PearlGrace
@Tianna2 (1273)
• United States
15 Jun 08
I've only been here a few weeks but I dont think I'm very good at thinking up topics for discussions, but I do seem fairly good at answering them, so for now I'll stick with that. I have seen several of your discussions the last couple of days and you seem to be doing fine! Hugs, Tianna