Can I get a Job soon as I graduate?

June 15, 2008 2:59am CST
I'm really sad yesterday because my sister said a lot of discouraging words about my course, Computer Science. My sister and I have common friend who took up Computer Science and same school as mine. He was my sister's former classmate in high school. And that friend of ours graduated last March and decided to go into teaching. He said the reason why he got into teaching is because it's hard to get a job in the I.T. industry. Come to think of it, why is it hard for him to get a job even he graduate as a cumlaude? My sister said that I should regret taking up my course because there was limited job opportunity unlike with her course, Tourism. She said that I'll be just like our common friend force to teach because of the limited opportunity in the I.T. industry. She said that my hard work is nonsense if no one will employ me. Is my sister right? As if my sister is saying is that I should get into another degree. Is there really limited opportunity in the I.T. industry? But I really love my course and I really love what I am doing. I am just really sad because my sister is very discouraging.
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17 Jun 08
well, i can't hardly agree with your sister. simply because i myself too is a graduate of bachelor of science in computer science and i am currently working as an it assistant and that makes me belong in the it industry too. i got my job 2 months after graduating and now i am working for 2 years. being in the it industry i don't think that there are limited offer of career in this industry. i have known lots of companies who are looking for it graduates. and i don't think there will be limited career in the it industry simply because it does not stop to grow. computer and technology are being in demand as of now and i think will be more in demand in the future. even though you won't find a job that you really like, example programmer, and be in an i.t. company, there are still a lot of offers in other firms where in you can make a good start of your career. every company needs an i.t. professional for commonly computers are being used in companies. so good luck! i hope your sister won't get mad at me!
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19 Jun 08
Don't worry my sister don't know about this and won't read this. It's good to hear that there is still a lot of jobs in the I.T. industry from a person who is a part of it. And you keep me assured that I'll still have a job in the future. I know technology is growing fast. But I'm also afraid that what I may learn today, I won't be able to apply it in future. I just hope that this will not happen. I think I should just continue learning new things about technology. Anyway, thank you for encouraging and assuring me that I'll have a job in future. I just hope and pray that you are right. :D
@gtdonna (1740)
16 Jun 08
Never let ANYONE even you sister determine how you act... so yes you cna get a good job when you graduate...I suggest you start applying now.
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17 Jun 08
Yeah I know I shouldn't be so much affected by her. I'm still 3rd year in college, so i'm just focusing more on my studies. I'll apply as soon as I graduate.