@raclie (1732)
June 15, 2008 6:37am CST
ok... as you all may know... i am a foster sister... my mom decided about 4 years ago that she want to help the community and become a foster mom to those in need... we have our first brother on 1 october 2004... he was just a month and a half old... and now he is almost 4!!! how time flies... and since he has been with us the longest, he is kinda spoilt and does not really like to share... anyway... i have been having a new brother for the past 3 months... he is 12 and really smart... but the thing is that he dont like my 4 year old brother... he always bad talk him and complain about him to me... he will say something like... wow...that kid is almost as naughty as leo (my 4 year old brother's name..) so anyway... yesterday... he told me something... he said that he finally understood that why we tend to favour him... since he is a kid and that he has been in our house for long... we also have another brother... he is a year younger than leo... and he loves to spoild things!!! so duriing our last trip overseas my dad bought a really cool remote control car for leo and just an ok one for alex... so jon ( my 12 year old brother) said he finally understood why dad bought alex a lousier car as compared to leo... i mean, will you want to blow off 25 singaporean dollars only to have that product spoild in 3 days? it is kind of a waste isnt it? so i fully support my dad buying a good car for leo and a mnot so good one for alex... what do you think? will you do the same thing as my dad?
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@Kulit25 (38)
15 Jun 08
Hi Raclie, wow, i wonder how it feels to be one of you.. must be fun but chaotic and complicated as well. I think if i'm in your place i'm gonna get confused too. It's normal for anyone to do the same a cool remote control car for leo and just an ok one for alex for the reason that he still don't know how to take care of his things as expected from an older kid. On the other hand, sometimes they don't really intend to spoil things, they're just at the stage of exploration and they get curious of so many things so they try to do different things. Maybe it's ok to do that for a time as long as he does not really notice it and still appreciates what's for him but maybe when he grows older and he gets to understand things, it would be better if they are treated fairly to avoid conflict and creat sibling rivalry. Sigh...i guess if i'm in your place i'm gonna get confused too. Maybe just continue to explore what will work best and also slowly teach alex to take care of his things. It's really never easy to decide on what's best.
@raclie (1732)
• Singapore
16 Jun 08
i guess that it will be rather difficult to give another brother a lousier car if he does not know that he spoilds it... but the thing is that he will throw it and try to pull them apart!!!! arrrgggghhhhhh we have another reason, actually... we do this so the remote control cars will have different frequencies... i guess we can try to teach him... hope he learns... wish me luck!!!