daily clicks and scammers

@aztcgirl (267)
United States
June 15, 2008 11:45am CST
ok i have been on this site for an while and have joined other sites as well, and been on ptctalk and. im noticing the legit sites are staying and the scammer are only on for a few months. im starting to realize yeah daily click does pay and they might have a few issue that make people think they are a scam site but it might take them a while to pay but they are still around. if they were a scam they wouldn't be around this long. i was one of those who got caught up in the "money in to account thing" but im reading also that daily click does pay but very slow.and im al so noticing people want there moeny right now, if you read the tos or the faq's you know when youll get paid and maybe something have changed prior to you joining and they haven't updated there tos or faq's. i did an discussion on that . people want and except their money the same day. all the ptc site are having an problem with the china country with cheater so because of that they have to check to make sure no one is user autobots and cheating system to reach pay out. and some people might just hate the whole ptc thing because they have been scammed so they are going to try to ruining it for the rest of us. i saw an comment about donkeymail someone trying to say they were a scam because they didnt get their money right away . if any of you have donkeymail and have reached pay out you know that it tell you how many people it tell you that are in-front of you and it it updates it.
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@mysdianait (66211)
• Italy
15 Jun 08
Well said! You make some very good points. Some of the sites do take too long to pay (Bux.to up to six months is an example). But on may others that pay according to their terms people want to be paid immediately. You are right they have to check out a lot of things before they can pay their members who have requested. Many of those people who are saying the sites do not pay have never even reached payout - and that is very sad.