life as a dentistry student

June 15, 2008 8:23pm CST
As a Dentistry student life is so unpredictable. It's been almost 5 years of stay in the university but still you feel like your new in your college and everytime new faces of Teachers came in to your clasromm,your heart beat faster and your full of nervousness. Why do I say it.... It is because every path you take to reach your goal there will always be difficulties and failures. I know all of the people are afraid to commit mistakes and fail but I got to overcome the mistakes and learn from it. I could never go back to the past when I'm still wondering what course is fitted to my interest nor regrets all the things I choose. But I always think and reminisce of my future as a dentist I would never quit because of the expenses and all the hardwork I gave in passing my subjects. I could never quit because of the expectation of my parents but I stand on it and Try my best to survive as a dentstry student.
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