do u continue learning after graduating

@talentyi (544)
June 16, 2008 2:25am CST
graduating from college or shcool and work for several u learning sth in yr life?
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• India
16 Jun 08
Hi talentyi, i am waiting for my results. Now i am little confused about what after this. I would like to join design courses. But now i searching for good courses in excellent institution. Thanks.
@talentyi (544)
• China
25 Mar 09
good luck to u!I also want to find some interesting courses to study. but I am lazy.I need work hard.
• China
6 Aug 10
One keeps learning all the time, no matter he will or will not. It's a matter of whether the things he learns please, satisfy and proud him or not. When one thinks he's wasting time doing nothing, he learns that he's dull and regretful. If such regret is not so strong to drive him forward, he learns his will power is weak in some areas. No body in this world is learning nothing about the world or oneslef. So from this perspective, everyone can be trusted to some degree.
• Hong Kong
15 Mar 09
I think I will. Knowledge is umlimited and useful for work. Especially English. It is a very important language.
@luxin66 (20)
• China
25 Nov 09
yes ,i learn a lot
@fensophi (15)
• China
5 Aug 10
in this information age, we have no choice but to learn all life. survival of the fittest.