True friends!

United States
June 16, 2008 3:24am CST
True friends! The only time that you know that people are really your true friends is went they know that you need help. For example when you need cash to go see your mother better she just pass away and you can not afford a plane ticket to fight to the other side of the states to she her. A true friend would help with what ever they can i don't mean just with money but they would come and support you and help you deal with the pain. Do you have true friends? Had they done anything (favors)for you when you are in a emergency situation? WOuld they do anything to help you out? Also are you a true friend with your friend? Would you do whatever it takes to help them out? Thanks You P.S. I'm asking because my gf mother has just pass away and im helping her out but i can only give her some much. and people that she know people that she has not talked to for a while had help and are here to support her just like i am.
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