the fear of a "clinic I clinician"

June 16, 2008 3:27am CST
i couldnt sleep well these past few days because i think too much especially when i think of myself being a clinician. im 18 and on my 3rd year of dentistry proper at ceu. i honestly am not certain of how i feel. there is a part of me that is so pumped up and ready to do the requirements but then again another part of me is shivering deep down inside probably because of stories that ive heard from past clinicians regarding the life of a clinician and how difficult it is to be one. i really have no idea where to start. i am so confused. i just cannot put into words how terrified i am and how nervous i am. we are talking about real live patients and not those cool phantom jaws wherein it doesnt matter that much when you happen to make a mistake. i dont know if these butterflies in my stomach are normal or not. two 4th year clinicians (who i happen to know very well) saw me wandering around and they were like " what are you doing? get to work! " i answered " gee, i dont know where to start". ?=/ but im pretty sure that ill get through this (i mean i have to right?). ill defeat these annoying butterflies that are pulling me down. i think all i need is to be positive and believe in my capabilites and study and study and oh study! wish me luck guys.. ill start my clinical requirements this thursday!*fingers crossed* and to the rest of my batchmates who are or will start their clinical requirements... good luck! we can finish on time!god bless! "clinic I clinicians"
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