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June 16, 2008 12:35pm CST
Over the past 6 months or so I have been pretty unhappy with my life. I began thinking on it, and came up with the fact that I've put myself last for the past twelve years. I focused entirely on my husband and kids. So, I started making changes. I dyed my hair (I'm 30 percent grey at the ripe ol age of 32!), cut it, got a spiral perm. I bought new up to date clothes that actually fit me properly. I started getting my nails done. I joined a gym and am actually going. And tonight is the biggest step of all. I am starting bartending school! Yep, I am going to be a stay at home mom in the day, and a bartender by night. Bartending totally fits my personality type, and I think it will be excellent. So, what have you done in your life to make you happy with yourself?
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1 Feb 09
i havent done anything yet... im still tryin to find my purpose in life
@whittby (3073)
• United States
21 Jun 08
Well my new job has made a tremendous difference in my life. I've lived for my family for years, taking part time jobs or doing child care. What a difference it makes to be doing your own thing. I get up and put on nice clothes and fix myself up and away I go. I'm lucky that my job has some good people in the office and I'm treated like a responsible, thinking person. Now here is something I did recently and it may not seem a big deal to someone who has this done regularly, but I had my nails done and got a pedicure. I was just thrilled. I felt pampered and it was really special having my tootsies done just so instead of my ordinary slap dash job. Good luck on your bartending school. It sounds like you will have a fun job soon.
@hotmale (810)
• Pakistan
16 Jun 08
hmmm, ive startd from not being quite all the time-it bugs ppl-so im here shouting out loud- have a happy day