Hillary is a vampire to the Barak Obama campaign is she not!

@sharone74 (4838)
United States
June 16, 2008 2:10pm CST
Hillary is the candidate that just wont die. In her lust for power and to save face she is almost continuing her campaign behind the scenes trying to position herself either for another run at the cadidacy in 2012 or for the Vice Presidency. She definitely hasn't decided what she wants to do yet and is sitting "open" like a spider in a freshly spun web. Meanwhile what Barak plans to do about the disenfranchised Democratic females who were prepared to vote for Hillary just because she's female, who are putting a lot of pressure on Obama to name her as his Vice Presidention running mate. While they made very worthy adversaries and they are both essentially on the same page that ticket would be the nightmare that would never end whether they won or lost. I think that Barak is too beleagared from within his own party to actually mount a successful attack at the office. McCain has had an easy campaign of just sitting back and watching the fur fly. And now that she has stripped millions of campaign dollars out of the Obama war chest and drained his fighting energies and his attentions, he's wavering in the ring standing there woozy from loss of blood.
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• Kottayam, India
17 Jun 08
She is NOT the right candidate for Vice-President since she fought against Mr.Obama
@cupid74 (11388)
• Pakistan
17 Jun 08
Hi dear Power who wont like it and who know about the power of white house more that Hillary she spent a major otime of her life in white house and she had enjoyed the power, she want to have it again. And no doubt discrimination, gender prefernces are always their Lets see what transpired
@Taskr36 (13923)
• United States
16 Jun 08
Wow, you Obama supporters just can't stand the fact that he's not the only person who wants to be president. For months you people kept demanding Hillary drop out of the race and got pis$ed when she had the audacity to say you shouldn't disenfranchise voters in Florida and Michigan. Now she's out and she's thrown her support behind Obama yet you keep whining. You won the primary, get over it. If Obama loses it's because McCain's the better candidate so stop trying to blame Hillary for your own problems.
@clrumfelt (5449)
• United States
16 Jun 08
I don't think Hillary has "bled" Obama all that much. True, she was a tough opponent and still wants a chance to be president, but Obama hasn't had any trouble moving forward past Hillary and her dreams, and he isn't exactly hurting for funds. I don't pity Obama because in spite of the long battle he has come out ahead and doesn't appear the least bit scathed.