Tiger does it agan, unbelievable

@mscott (1924)
United States
June 16, 2008 3:36pm CST
Well he did it again, bad knee and all. Forget about taking two months off, he is just that good. Rocco had him today but when he needed it he found it and tied it up. In sudden death he actually was the one who was safe, hitting the fairway, putting it on the green and then making an easy par. Rocco had a shot to tie but can you imagine the pressure. not to mention it was a tough shot for anyone. Poor Rocco, he has been on the tour for 20 years and will probably never have a chance like this again to win a major. Tiger just doesn't lose when he is in it. He is simply the best ever, and I am sure the PGA doesn't mind him sticking around for awhile either.
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@joyouskay (113)
21 Jun 08
A coworker of mine is going to the British Open on his honeymoon; they planned this specifically to get to watch Tiger play. Now he's out for the year with ACL surgery... Sucks.
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@gtdonna (1739)
16 Jun 08
Thanks for the update, didnt get to see the game but I watched the game before this one and it was simply unbelievable...how he does it, is kind of hard to fathom, but yeah he is a great player. I am happy for him bad knee and all...just goes to show, the mind is a powerful tool when it is set on something and put to a good use.
@mscott (1924)
• United States
17 Jun 08
Funny thing is I don't really even like golf but if Tiger is in the mix I find myself watching it. If he isn't I don't even stop to watch for a minute.