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June 16, 2008 5:03pm CST
I've been watching HOUSE since the get of the first go, and I did think that this season was a good one, there were definitely some poignant moments, and I thought that this season centered on viewers getting to know more about HOUSE, which I really loved. Because HOUSE is such an interesting character, you just can't learn enough about him, I don't think. He's so complex. But I miss Cameron and Chase, their roles in the show were so slim this season, which when they did appear on episodes, it made me realize how much I loved their characters, and made me not want to take them for granted. I'm still hoping that HOUSE gets with Cameron somehow...I would hate if he got with Cuddy, she's so....I don't know, she's too old for him, he needs someone younger. I do like some of the newer characters, but I wish the OLD House team was back. It's obvious that "Thirteen" is a sad replacement for one can replace Cameron.
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@beki710 (949)
16 Jun 08
I agree, I definitely prefer House's old team. And I also agree that yes House is such an interesting character, you do just want to learn as much as you can about him to get a better understanding of why he acts the way he does. I've nearly finished watching season 4 - I have 3 more episodes to go, looking forward to seeing how they finish things off, I've been told it's a good one :)