The Bird That Got Away

@elmiko (6635)
United States
June 16, 2008 6:39pm CST
When I was a kid me and my family moved out of the apartments and into a house. We took our than pet paraket Joe with us. When we were moving into our new house our normal routine like in the apartments was to let the bird fly around the house. My family was doing something outside at the time in our new home and kept the back door open. Me being worried at the time kept telling them the bird going to fly out of the house if the back door keeps getting left open. Joe finally made a fly for it and successfully flew out the back door while they tried to catch it. I've heard of people putting ads in the paper for missing pet birds. The thing was the next morning my mom heard all the birds getting worked up like their was a bird that didn't fit in with them. So I think Joe was around causing a scene with the bird population near by. We never found our pet bird.
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@kareng (31527)
• United States
19 Jun 08
I'm sorry you lost your pet parakeet! It's hard to recover a bird in the wild. Sometimes you can put a cage out with food in it and they will go inside to eat. Hearing of birds escaping is a good reason to have pet birds clipped!
@vanities (11409)
• Davao, Philippines
17 Jun 08
that was unfortunate that your pet bird was never found..i like birds too...and i like a parrot..but it seems its soo costly here that i cant afford to buy one..did you replace the bird that got away?