To be free from weaknesses means to have the power to mould.

June 16, 2008 11:42pm CST
Problem: We do have certain weaknesses within us which makes it difficult for us to mould according to the needs of the situation. The weakness within us creates hardness and rigidity not allowing the situations to create internal beauty. So when we are working with our own weakness, we find it difficult to stop the negativity from being expressed immediately. The weakness is revealed inspite of making effort not to and there is unpleasantness created. Solution: To have the ability to mould means to become real gold. I become as flexible and beautiful as pure gold, which is ready to take beautiful shapes when it comes under the influence of the heat of the situation. So I have no hard feelings for having to adjust, but I am able to enjoy the beauty I create and the joy I spread.
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@holachika (176)
17 Jun 08
The realization and acceptance that, as human beings, we have certain frailties and weaknesses is the start of freedom. This is the freedom to choose which path to take - to be held back by your weakness or to overcome it and live as you desire. Admittedly, there are situations that hinder one person to be free from his weakness, however, one has to work towards the positives of being free. Like your proposition, to be likened to gold when subjected to heat has the ability to mould as the Master pleases.