Ormond Beach

United States
June 17, 2008 11:52am CST
When I was a freshman in college, seven years ago, (god how that makes me feel old :( ) I went on Spring vacation with my guy friends to Florida. I'd been to Florida before, just not in this particular area. And I'd never been anywhere when I wasn't with my parents, so being with a bunch of my guy friends and DRIVING down there, was an experience, but it was a good experience. There are a few girls that I consider best friends, but most girls, well I can't stand...at least the ones here anyway. It's like they try hard to be stupid, they've got J.S. syndrome (Jessica Simpson) Anyway, what I liked most about this beach was that you could take your car out and drive down it, I'd never been to a beach like that before, which made it kind of exciting. Plus we stayed at this place called the Jamaican Inn I believe it was called, I think it's still called that unless they've changed their name in the past year. The room wasn't that expensive and what was great about it was how big it was, there was one room with two beds, then a modest sized bathroom, with two sinks outside the door with a very large mirror, then another large bed that looked over towards the ocean, and it had a tiny deck. But what I loved most about this hotel was that it had it's own kitchenette, equipped with pots, pans, utensils, stove, refrigerator. I mean if you wanted to save money, you could just walk across the street to the 7-11 and buy some Ramen noodles. And it's right next to Daytona, not far at all from the racetrack, it's probably fourty-five minutes from Medieval Times, which I recommend going to if you ever go to Florida, and it's probably an hour and a half from Disney World. But if you've ever been there, please let me know if there are other destinations that are interesting around that area...I probably won't get there this summer because of gas prices, but who knows maybe gas will go down in the next year, or maybe this time next year, 4.09 will seem cheap...god I hope not :(
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21 Aug 10
Thats a great beach, i have been there last summer, awesome place.