Deafness and hearing loss

June 17, 2008 5:44pm CST
I was born with a hearing loss in both ears. Cause is unknown. My husband is deaf. He had blood transfusion when he was 3 days old in 1954 becasue his mother had RH negative blood. He almost died when the the doctor couldn'd a match but luckly one of the nurse whom his parents knew had the match and gave him the bllod. So during the blood trasfusion, the family doctor hestiated for a split second and we believe when he hestitated and hit one of his nerves. He can't speak to well but he can hear some words with his hearing aids on. I have a twin sister who has a hearing loss too. We both wear 2 hearing aids. About 6 or 7 years ago I loss 30% of my hearing in my right ear. My twin sister boy friend is from a deaf family. His parents were deaf and he has a deaf sisiter. My sister and her boyfriend have a 3 yr old boy who is deaf as well. He is just a cuty when you do sign language to him. He is adorable when he uses signs. Being deaf can be frustrating at times but we have to deal with it like me and my husband and the people I know.
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@shazzies (50)
• Australia
7 Jul 08
I was born in 1974 and became very sick and had no platelets in my blood. The Drs said I wouldnt make it so they got me christened and expected me to die. I am now 34 and when I was 17 I woke up deaf I didnt understand why or what happened. It was classed as "Sudden Hearing Loss" I have learnt how to sign and have met some Deaf people which is really good. I wear 1 hearing aid in my right ear which brings my hearing up to about 75 percent. I have worked in aged care which drove me crazy as they were mostly hard of hearing clients and it was hard to communicate with them. I am now back in retail in a large variety store. I am loving my job at the moment and I am always reliable and on time. I am now working in the service desk giving out refunds and dealing with enquires. Sometimes its hard but I just ignore what the other customers and staff think and get on with the job....The only problem is I cant get the disability pension as my illness is not permant and I am limited to what I can do I really want to become a foster carer...........That was my dream long ago........I am single and havent met the right person yet. I am happy with my life but sometimes it can be really hard and I feel in a way cheated as I cant do what others can.. So what should I do??
• Canada
7 Jul 08
I was born hard of hearing and my parents didn't find out till I was about 5 1/2ys old. My parents took me to the doctor wondering why I wasn't resonding and the doctors said I am fine. I was almost send to a mental instution. These days after my parents told me the story, doctors are dumb. One day I was at a nursery school and heard a loud bell rang and I ran scared. The person at the nursery school told my parents about the deaf school and take me there to get my ears check and sure enough I was deaf with no hearing aids. Now I am 41 will be 42 on July 30 wears 2 hearing aids and married to a deaf husband and have 2 normal hearing teenage girls. My husband was 33 yrs when he married me (I was 22 yrs). My husband thought he never get married. I hoep someday you will be able to find a nice guy of your dreams. As I was growing up during my school years, I went to a normal hearing school since I could talk and hear with my hearing aids very well. That time in my school years, I get nothing but picked on becasue they all say "deaf and dumb" mean while I was in high school in grade 12 had one of the best marks in the class. Now who is deaf and dumb??? I don't get disabily pension. When I file for my incme tax, I claim the disabilty deduction with the doctor's note to get money back at the end of the year. You can try to find out if you are eligible for disabilty deduction on your income tax form that's only if you file for tax claim every year. I know every country is different.
@spalladino (17921)
• United States
17 Jun 08
I had a friend when I was in my 20's whose parents were both deaf but her hearing was normal. I liked her mom a lot so my friend taught me to do some signing so that I could communicate with her a little bit. Her mom being deaf actually helped me to be able to communicate with her because they were immigrants from Guatamala so her parents did not speak English. Sign language bridged the spoken language gap we would have had if she hadn't been hearing impaired.
• Canada
18 Jun 08
Thats great. I know lot of deaf friends as a couple have normal hearing kids.