darfur and the olympics

United States
June 17, 2008 7:07pm CST
I've always loved watching the olympics and feeling that 'proud to be an american feeling' whenever one of our athletes won the gold. And I know how hard those men and women train just to be able to compete. But China, with its many oil refineries in Darfar, has been accused of participating in the genocide that is occuring. Should we boycott the Olympics because of this?
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@aznblood (38)
• Canada
12 Jul 08
Even though China may have flaw as any other country, I don't think the Olympics' and Chinas actions should be put in the same category. I don't think any country in the past, present or the future should be striped of the honor of hosting the Olympics for any actions or decisions the country has made that doesn't directly effect the Olympics. I think that any of these events happening should not effect whether or not the Olympics is held in China. I'd think it would just be unfair, like if i was a cop and someone stole from you and i let them get away with it just because i don't think you're a good person. But anyway has this been even proven yet? It'd be even more unfair if the Olympics were boycotted and it was never proven.
@Alle91 (188)
• Australia
20 Jun 08
no. If China is 'supporting human rights breaches' by trading with Sudan, is America and the like, 'supporting China support human rights breaches' too, by trading with China? The Olympics doesn't belong to China, it is for the world. China is just the place it is being held this year, boycotting isn't ruining the Olympics for China, it is ruining an event that stands for peace and friendship for the entire world. cheers =]