i am looking for hyip program !!!??

June 17, 2008 7:41pm CST
Well , any recommendation for new HYIP program which the proven result shown. I need fast money to cure my sick.Thanks
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• India
20 Jun 08
You don't get fast money this way! The best way is through forums, where I earn about 40-50$ per month with no risk. HYIPs can claim to give you more, but that is not the truth. Basically all HYIPs are ponzies - it means that they collect all the money, then keep their share and distribute the money as the members request payout. Once the money is over, they will close. They DO NOT invest in foreign exchange as they claim. That is a myth. In fact they don't invest your money anywhere! So it is really a high risk endeavor, so I would not suggest you to do that. Instead join a few forums if you wish to get some extra money !
6 Jul 08
Thats interesting. Do you have any suggestions of forums that work this way?
@arcideaco (1259)
• Singapore
6 Jul 08
HYIP is all about timing. It is generally not advisable to join for earning. Big risk to take. The one and only HYIP that I had joined last time was Speedcycler which wind up not so long ago did made me some money. But it is generally not a very advisable risk to take. Cheers.
@rsa101 (28945)
• Philippines
30 Jun 08
HYIP is a very high risk type of investment. If you would like to invest your money do so legitimately. Go to a bank and ask if they have some investment where you could your money in. HYIP can be profitable at times too if you enter the program early on they usually pay those that come in early but when the program starts to grwo big they usually fall and close down eventually.
20 Jun 08
Don't join HYIP , its very dangerous , I have lost few thousands bucks in Swisscash last time! Beware of it!! and away of it!