End of college life.

@lamcouz (101)
June 17, 2008 8:54pm CST
Being ups and downs during the past few years in my college, being here for a few autumns and springs, it has come to my end of college life. After few years of struggling, we are getting to the end for goodness. Glancing back what has happened around me, it does bring much memories and reminiscence, sweet and bitter, good and bad, hard and easy. Friends were leaving, finding jobs, furthering studies, returning to respective countries and so on, so forth. There is no long-lasting parties in life, and there is chinese saying , unition is to be separated, separation is to bring unition, which I think is indeed the nature of everything, including my college life that is going end and bring separation. Being separated, such a simple work, brings deep and profound impact to me right now. Remembering the days in college library, being there nights and days, suffering from the bad food :P in school cafeteria, pains brought by assignment, worries over release of results in the next day morning in 7 o'clock, and these all will come to and end very soon, after being in these for few years. Having thought about these in these days, I have seen numerous familiar, but unknown people who passed by me, who helped me, who said hi to me, who ignored me, all over the school in library, tutorial room, lecture hall, cafeteria. I think we should have known the existence of each other, but due to lack of talking topic and chance of gathering, and even the lack of courage and willingness to initiate the friendship, we just missed the thousands of opportunity to become good friends with each other. Thus, just passing by days and days, without knowing and trying to know each other. All elites come from all over the world, north and south, east and west, gathering in such a small school, after going through various academic exams, english tests and different trials, wouldn't that be some kind of fateful meeting? Wouldn't it be wasteful if that fate is just let gone like that, without having any regret in our life, a patch of whiteness in our memories? I was asking myself, would I regret not meeting more people in my college life? Up on a world atlas, there are more than 100 countries, imagining that everyone comes from different spot from that atlas, staying in such a palm-sized school, but even this does not bring a chance for us to meet each other! Should we just let it be? Let it go, not doing anything about it?? No! this would make me feel regretful, wasteful and useless. Every student from overseas staying here must have different individual and touching stories, being ignorant, hesitant, confused, home-sick, disappointed, lost, despaired and the coldness among peoepl. I believe every one including you, must have experienced some kinds of these feelings. Regardless of what happened to me, I wouldn't let it nice and worthwhile piece of memory go, I would keep it in in the bottom of my heart, engraved it in my brain, never let it go like fading footsteps.
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