i need help with firefox

@jhl930 (3603)
United States
June 17, 2008 9:33pm CST
ok here is my problem...i love using firefox because to me it is a lot faster than any other browser that i have found and i love that it has spell check built in so that it tells you whenever you have misspelled something...but awhile back there was a cable guy that came to our house because the cable wasn't working properly and after he got it fixed and he told us that he had it fixed he started going through our computers and seeing what we had on our computers and all of that stuff...he was like going through our personal history and files...and i mean we have nothing to hide but still we don't just like a stranger going into our stuff when they don't need to do it for any reason...he was going through our history and seeing all we had been on and talking to us about it...and he admitted that it had nothing to do with our internet messing up...anyway and on firefox you can find passwords that you have used on other websites(im not saying how here in fear that someone will use it for harm and not good)but you can go through firefox and see passwords and email adresses for everything that you have passwords for(ex, mylot,myspace,facebook)and i put a master lock on my passwords so that no one but me could see the passwords and i have forgotten or it has messed up...not sure which because i am almost sure that i know what the password is and i can't save passwords or anything like that without the master password...and i have tried to un install it and then re in stall it...and that isn't working at all..so i was just wondering if anyone knew how to reset that password or either take it off of my firefox...if so i would be so thankful or just tell what the password is...that would help me so much...thanks for everything!
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• Australia
19 Jun 08
there is a addon of firefox availabe that can help u manage the password for different website and different profiles on ur computer it also has password and login facility so no one can see or use ur password try to find this addon on the firefox addon site or just post me a message i will get that for u and sen like to u because i personally know how uncomfortable u feel when some one see ur data of mesh around