How do you like your coffee?

@mchavez11 (1406)
June 17, 2008 10:35pm CST
How do you like your coffee to be made? Do you prefer drip with cream or milk or simply black? Do you like hot or cold? With whip cream or without? Sometimes, your drinking preference somehow defines a little bit of your lifestyle or the small part of your personality. In my opinion, this drink is more than just a refreshment. For me, its leisure, lifestyle and taste. Its not just another drink you devour. Let's drink and savour it. Cheers.
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• Philippines
19 Jun 08
yeah i agree with you. coffee is not just a drink but it is more of a lifestyle too. a sort of bar of everyones status. i like my coffee brewed, fresh from French press(a canister like with a strainer). bold black. you can smell the aroma and when you take a sip you'll taste the different flavors but the taste of the coffee is still there. and try enjoying your brewed coffee with something sweet, like butterscotch or anything that taste good with coffee.
• India
19 Jun 08
i love cold coffee specially with loads of whipped cream and chocolate sauce,i like my coffee decorated and my favourite brand is starbucks don't no if there is any starbucks in india but i had it in hongkong. if there is starbucks anywhere in india please let me know.
@ieeko89 (1054)
• Malaysia
18 Jun 08
^^I usually drink chocolate chocolate cheap. If i wanna hot drink, I'll go for hot chocolate:) Yumyum!
• United States
18 Jun 08
i dont order coffe i usualy just get the vanilla creme in the winter and vanilla bean in the summer and the lady cookies, i just got a coupon for a free drink.. so i will be enjoying a vanilla bean soon enough...
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
18 Jun 08
I only use instant coffee here at home with milk and sugar but lately McDonalds have been advertsing a new type of coffee that they now serve, so I had one yesterday and I must say it was one of the nicest cups of coffee I have ever had...good on you maccas...