Do you bother very much about the parents' life?

@subha12 (18452)
June 18, 2008 2:32am CST
I can say that I am concerned. their illness makes me think much. Now there is sudden crisis. The maid is not coming from today. I think that lady is just very bad and she wont come. At the same time, my mother is not getting one also. I am worried how she will manage. also on saturday my brother is coming with his family.there will be loads of work. she can't take all. I am at home only on weekends.
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@secretbear (19463)
• Philippines
9 Aug 08
hi subha! who doesn't care about their parents' lives? i think most of us here care for our parents in one way or another. i for one, i may not be expressive of my concern for my mother but deep inside, i really care for her a lot and i always get worried about her. when its late and she's still not home, i get worried and i would send her an sms message asking where she is. especially if its raining at night. i get a lot worried if she doesn't come home early. if she's sick and she's complaining of a terrible pain somewhere in her body, i get worried and helpless because i can't help her. i don't know how to help her. we always see each other everyday and at times that i don't see her for a day and i don't know the reason, i'll send her an sms message and ask where is she, if she's doing a field work or in a meeting or something. i am used with her presence everyday that i can't avoid to get worried if i can't see her for a day or two. i am also thinking of the day that she would retire from her work. i am wondering what she will want to do next. i'm kinda worried because she wants to do a business and she's still unsure what kind of business she'd do. but i'm happy that she'll finally be retiring. she'd been working forever and she'd been waiting for her retirement for a few years now.
@AshleyHasan (1024)
• India
23 Jun 08
Yes, I am bothered about my mother because all three of us got married and my mother stays alone , I always think what she is doing, I asked her to come and stay with us but she is not willing she says I dont want to give you all any troubles, I love my mother very much but some times because of situations which arise I have to keep in control and keep going , I always pray to god to keep my mother safe .
• Pakistan
21 Jun 08
yes me also think about my parents especially my mother she is very hard working woman i like her and want to be like her
• India
19 Jun 08
Yeah, thast my concern too, i really have to chk on my parents and if something goes wrong, im very much worried. Ask ur mom to aapoint a new maid soon.
• India
18 Jun 08
Sure.. sure.. and i can go on writing umpteen times, as sure.. sure... to express my feelings how dear.. my parents are to me. They the living God to me, and without them i could not have easily scaled over the obstacles that have challenged my live so far.. One does not need any physical help from them always as,though in times it is a welcome feature.But the main aspect the moral support that they give us, by standing with us in all times needs to be lauded. And i therefore personally consider it as my duty to serve my parents, above my whims and fancies. I hope soon the problem of maid servant that your mom is facing will be done with. Take care friend.
@sweety10 (188)
18 Jun 08
ya..definitely i bothered about my parents...well i live with my parents...recently my mom met an road accident she got so much hurt but my dad live out of d town so i have 2 take care 4 me my parents are more important than me..
• India
18 Jun 08
Hi Subha I am staying with them and still I am worried about their illness. I can not always be attentive to my parents health since I have to go for work. But when ever they need more attention from me I will try my best to be with them. The best thing is that we have a maid in our house and she will manage the house works and no need of my mother to bother about that. I am worried about their health condition only and though we are doing what ever we can to make their health better but still the asthma and the arthritise make things worse.