being a daughter

June 18, 2008 12:46pm CST
I really love my mom, she's the greatest in the world, but sometimes I think it's really har. My mom and I are the best friends ever. We do lots of things together and I know that she appreciates my company more than anything. She's getting old now and has a lot of ailments and health problems. I just don't know how I'll cope with life if something ever happens to her. Has anyone lost her mom? How could you cope with loosing your mom and your greatest friend in life?
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• United States
18 Jun 08
I think that would be the hardest thing you'll have to go through. Your lucky that you and your mom are close like that. I didn't have that. I'm close with my father and I feel the same way as you do with your mom. Just spend as much time with her as you can.
• China
19 Jun 08
it is a long time i do not go home.i miss my mother and father,i think they are very well.
• Philippines
19 Jun 08
for me i don't want to think that, since i am really closed to my mother.i don't know how to cope loosing my mother.she's the only one i am having right now because my father passed away 5years ago.all i know right now is to show her that i really love her and she is important to me.