How superbad are you

@moose8 (483)
June 18, 2008 3:47pm CST
Now everybody, i have been in a night much like the night involving seth evan and fogell. me and my friends called it a superbad night. now what im wondering what have you guys ever done that is superbad. also have you ever had a superbad night?? like i mean super bad......:)
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@ryshawneo (405)
• Philippines
4 Jul 08
how bad i can be? well, honestly, I'm not sure.. The bad thing i have done (the superbad i think)in my life is when I revenge against my in-laws.. I took a thing from them and I actually hide it somewhere.. i was so angry at them that time that i did it.. I hide it inside their house and I was wondering why they can't find it, it's their house anyway.. when my anger disappear, i actually take that thing out from where i hide it and put it somewhere they can easily see/find it.. hehehe.. superbad? :)