I wrote an ebook! Dating Safety Tips - Please share!

@vera5d (4006)
United States
June 18, 2008 5:47pm CST
I wrote my first ebook about dating safety tips and wanted to share it with everyone here since I love all you guys on mylot and want any of you who are dating to be safe! You can download it 100% free here: http://www.itmightbelove.com/2008/06/18/dating-safety-tips-ebook-now-available/ Please share it with your friends and relatives and anyone else you may know who could benefit from it. You can send it by email from my site or even make it available to download from your own site as long as you don't make any changes to the ebook itself. If it helps just one person avoid a dangerous situation while dating, I will feel like it has been a success. If you have any suggestions or feedback (good or bad) I'd be happy to hear about that as well since this is my first ebook ever and I do hope to write some more! Thanks in advance to everyone who reads this, it will help us all stay a little safer when meeting people!
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@drannhh (15235)
• United States
19 Jun 08
Thank you for sharing, although "heck" will freeze over before I ever date again, lol. One very long happy marriage is enough. But as we are myLot friends I like to see the stuff you have written. Thanks for sharing.
@vera5d (4006)
• United States
21 Jun 08
You're welcome :)