It is time to leave school.....

@zz1111 (215)
June 18, 2008 10:35pm CST
Living three years in my college,now,we have to leave and go to start our new life. more or less,we all have sadness in our hearts. Do you notice that there are multitudes of days i can`t get here? Yeah,i find something important but it is too late,that is,the life in college is wonderful.Freedom,happiness and love,slow and late even don`t get up,have classes depending on your motion,playing with so much good memories...oh,my... But now,i have to leave...maybe,for my dreams...
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@julyteen (13254)
• Davao, Philippines
17 Aug 08
i felt lately that i want to leave school because of so many problems i face today such as financial, family and business. my life as a student was affected by this trials that i never expect that it will come into my life. i lost track with all the happiness that i experience before. i am lonely now, i need to keep myself busy so that i can't think the problem i have and my family. i am hoping that it will be solve soonest possible.
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@izhuce13 (160)
• China
9 Aug 08
One next year i will leave my college, too. in my college life, i learn a lot of things, and also i lost a lot of things.but in the comeing semester i wil do my best.i believe!
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@littleone3 (2065)
19 Jun 08
Good luck to you i hope that you can live your dreams. Think as this as a new start, the next stage of your life. But you will always have your memories to cherish.
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• India
19 Jun 08
Yeah , i do understand how ur feeling now. Even i felt the same way when i had to leave my college day. My frendz, the fun, those day are just a memeory now. But at least we do have them in out memories. And all the very best for a new future
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@teison2 (5922)
• Norway
19 Jun 08
Good luck on living your dreams:-)
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• Pakistan
19 Jun 08
yea dear its life some time you have to do that you not won't and some time you can't do that you really want. any way you have a bright future in a few steps far from you go ahead and pick the hand of your success as its the rule of life you college life was golden life it comes on every one and leave after a time
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• United States
19 Jun 08
Always cherish your college days. I did not have them. I was pregnant and married at the age of 18. I do not regret that at all. I do wish I would have been able to get father in my education. I do not have a degree, I have a certificate in nursing and have gone far in my career without a degree. I would have gone father if I had my degree. Good luck in the job market.
@desireeo (595)
• Philippines
19 Jun 08
you should be happy you're done with school. you can now test yourself how well prepared you are to face the real world. it's time to be independent and go after your dreams. after all, isn't it the reason why you went to school? is fun, all right..what with the financial support form our parents and worrying nothing except getting good grades...but you know you have got to go someday and use whatever it is you've learned to start designing your plans for a bright future.