Do you love diet coke?

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June 18, 2008 11:08pm CST
Well the advertisements and promotion for this new coke variety is rampant and I guess effective because almost everybody i know wants to drink diet coke probably because of the notion that it will help them lose weight. Well i have nothing against coke, but i just don't like it that much. Besides if people are really serious in losing weight, why don't they just stick to drinking water and fruit juices. well i don't realy believe that coke zero will help one lose weight or is healthier. It's still a softdrink and should be taken in moderation.
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• Canada
19 Jun 08
I love diet coke. But I don't drink it for the diet factor, I drink it for the taste. I actually like the taste of aspartame! I also think regular coke is way too sweet and syrupy. I think any soft drink is not good for you. Just because it's labeled "diet" doesn't mean it's healthy. If you want to lose weight, you should avoid drinking pop altogether. Even though there are no calories, there are other things in there that are still unhealthy. And I personally think carbonated drinks can't help you feel any thinner. Rather, will all that bubbly gas, it'd make you feel more bloated.