shopping in wal-mart

@only1shi (405)
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June 19, 2008 12:07am CST
my goodness this store can be exhausting!!! why do they put the self-checkout lines if they are always broken. and the idiots that get in line there. if you don't know how to locate a barcode, should you really be ringing yourself up? i actually saw someone try to use a check in the self-checkout! key word: self- who's supposed to process your check dummy? i live in a big enough city that there is a wal-mart about every four miles or so. one- who needs that many stores in one location? wouldn't you be creating competition for yourself? two- why don't they stock the same merchandise? i mean, i could understand if the shelf was running low, or empty, but it just wasn't there at all. i went shopping the other day and literally half of the items on my list were nowhere to be found in this store. so i actually had to drive to another location (one that i hate shopping in by the way) to pick up the rest of my items. and with a cranky baby in-tow, this wasn't a very happy shopping trip for either one of us. i wish that there were some more convenient shopping places that weren't so overwhelming. i actually used to work for wal-mart about six years ago, and it wasn't that bad. what's changed?
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24 Jun 08
Those places make me feel drained of energy too! My spouse shops there for groceries and he saves lots of money. But I don't like shopping there. Just too tiring!
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@only1shi (405)
• United States
26 Jun 08
that place actually used to give me migraines!
• Canada
19 Jun 08
I am so against the idea of those self-checkout terminals in Walmart - and anywhere else, for that matter. If I wanted to work as a cashier, I would get a job as a cashier. In fact, I prefer dealing with a live cashier, than a machine that constantly beeps at me because it either doesn't recognize the barcode or I didn't put the item in the bag (Sometimes I don't want to bag all my items!). Every single time I've tried to use it, I have run into a problem, such as the ones I just mentioned or it's not accepting a coupon or whatever else that can go wrong probably will. I realize that a lot of the errors are human errors and as more people get used to using those blasted machines, the less delays there will be eventually. But again, I really don't like the ideas of these machines because they are taking away jobs from live people. So when it comes time that consumers become really comfortable using self-checkouts, cashiers will become obsolete and consumers are ultimately responsible for these lay-offs. Anyway, I digress. I don't really know what's changed at Walmart other than these self-checkouts. I agree that it's very silly to have more than one location in a generally close area. Doesn't make any sense to me, either!
@only1shi (405)
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20 Jun 08
i think that the self-checkouts were added because most stores are under-staffed anyway and corporations wanted to provide customers with a way to continue to check out. i currently work for home depot, and it is amazing to me the items that people will try to use at the self-checkout. power tools, cut lumber, patio furniture.
@Barb42 (4216)
• United States
28 Jun 08
I sometimes use the self-check out for a small amount of products/groceries. But when I have a large amount, I would never go through the self-check out at WalMart! Theirs is not like our grocery store, which has multiple bags to put your groceries in. And also the machines drive me nuts with 'place your item in the bag', 'wait for a cashier'(or whatever they say there). All I did was ring up a grocery item, put it in my bag, and the machine starts talking! And,like you, WalMart really makes me mad,at times. You go once, and the items you want are stocked on the shelves.You go the next time and half of them are not stocked any longer.Why can't all the stores stock the same items! And another thing that WalMart does that bothers me is they are continually changing around where things are put. And,this irritates shoppers who are used to walking into the store and walking right to what they need.This makes those of us who can't walk a lot have to hunt.And, I suppose they think, when they do that, it makes us buy more.Well, I have news for WalMart. I buy only what I want, and no matter how much they move around their store, I won't buy just because I have to pass it to find what I really need.