what do you usually say to a person you just met?

@allamgirl (2144)
June 19, 2008 12:07am CST
it's kinda hard to talk to a person you just met, like you have no idea what are the thing he or she is interested in. so how do you come up with things to talk about?
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• China
19 Jun 08
for me, if the person i just met is a cute girl, i'll be very active. and then, i'll be very humorous. if the person is a boy, i think there are many things to talk about, football, basketball... if he isn't interested in what you talk about, then change the topic, until he show his interest. i'll talk about the man who introduce him to me, and ask how they know each other, then break the embarrassed situation. if all the former ones don't work, you can pay attention to what he is looking at, his clothes, his expression, his movement, and then make your judgement which kind man he is.
@chirantani (1382)
• India
19 Jun 08
First of all I would greet him and then started to know about him by asking him questions.LOL
• Philippines
19 Jun 08
I just ask them to tell something about themselves and I do too. It all starts with that and when I catch anything interesting, I stick to that unless it's not something he/she would like to discuss..