My first payment from Neo Bux

@dodyast3 (1518)
June 19, 2008 1:50am CST
I just received my first payment from Neo Bux. It's the best PTC I found so far. Why? This is my reason. When I reached my minimum $2 payout, I click on the cash out button. I expect the same and usual message pop up on my screen which telling me to read TOS, waiting period, bla bla bla. The screen was busy for a few seconds or minutes, I'm not sure how long, but then, the amazing words was shown on my screen: The payment has been transfered to your Alertpay Account It's unusual message I got from a PTC. I didn't believe they truly pay me that quick. But I login to my alertpay to check and found the payment already there. They are automatically transfered my payment as soon as I click the cash out button. Wow!! This is truly amazing. I have joined almost a hundred PTC so far, definitely, they are the best. If you are not a member of Neo Bux, you can go to my profile and you can find the link there, the very top page or you can visit my blog PTC site, you can find it on my profile too. But I remind you first, they don't have many ads daily like 7bux,, and other sites. So far, I only receive around 4-6 ads daily, but their payout is low and a very quick payment method. So if you want to join this site, please be patient and login daily to reach payout. For mylotters who already join this site, I suggest login and do your click regularly. Good Luck.
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